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FC Elite 2023 College Prep Camp

We are excited to present our first College Prep Camp and have an AMAZING lineup of D1 and D2 college coaches that will be leading the camp.  

The camp is for incoming freshmen to seniors and will consist of morning training sessions led by college coaches and afternoon competition, with college coaches observing.  

You may register for one or both days.  Registration is limited to ensure a quality experience for all athletes!  

Register here.


*This camp is open to any and all entrants limited only by age/space.

Training and Development with USA Volleyball's Jamie Morrison

Our coaches and teams had a great evening of learning with Jamie Morrison, USA Volleyball's U19 Women's Coach and LOVB's lead coach/trainer!  


USAV 16 National Division


All of our teams had an awesome showing at nationals, but we had a couple of teams make it to the podium!!  16 Navy WON the 16 National Championship!! 

USAV 15 National Division
2nd Place!!

15 Navy placed 2nd in the 15 National Championship!!

Great Weekend at Prep Dig's
Battle in the Valley


All of our teams played up a division (or two) this weekend and finished really strong.  It was awesome to see many of our teams under one roof; which ultimately led to teams knocking each other out of the playoff brackets.  Great job all!!

  • 13 Navy (3rd in the 15s division)
  • 14 White (2nd in the 15s division)
  • 14 Navy (1st in the 15s division)
  • 15 White (2nd in the 16s division)
  • 16 White (1st in the 17/18s division)
  • 17 White (5th in the 17/18s division)

18 Elite Finished 3rd in the NATION at the USAV Nationals - 18 OPEN Division!!


The team battled all weekend long, knocking off the 3 seed on Day 1 of the tourney and eventually losing in the semifinals to the tournament winner.  Kennedy Martin and Saige Damrow were named to the All Tournament Team.

Great Showing at JVA's World Challenge


This past weekend, we had 7 teams make the trip to Louisville for the JVA World Challenge.  This is one of the largest volleyball tournaments in the country with over 125 courts, over 1000 teams and nearly approximately 10,000 athletes.

Six of our 7 teams played in the OPEN division.  Of the 7 teams, they went 19-2 the first day of competition and ALL made it to the gold and silver divisions for day 3.  Great job by all!!

  • 13 Navy - 3rd Place in 13 OPEN
  • 15 Navy - 3rd Place in 15 OPEN
  • 16 Navy - 3rd Place in 16 OPEN
13 Navy - 3rd Place in 13 OPEN

13 Navy - 3rd Place in 13 OPEN

15 Navy - 3rd Place in 15 OPEN

15 Navy - 3rd Place in 15 OPEN

16 Navy - 3rd Place in 16 OPEN

16 Navy - 3rd Place in 16 OPEN

Awesome Weekend for our Teams at Prep Dig's Battle at the Bay!


  • 18 Elite - 17/18s Division Champions
  • 18 Navy - 3rd Place 17/18s Division
  • 16 White - 15/16s Division Champions
  • 15 Navy - 3rd Place 15/16s Division
  • 15 White - 15/16s Division Silver Bracket Champions
  • 13 Navy - 14s Division Champions
  • 14 White - 3rd Place 14s Division
  • 12 Navy - 4th Place 13s Division

Congratulations to 12 White for Winning the 12 Club Badger Region Championship!


Congratulations to 16 White for Winning an American Bid at the Mideast Qualifier!


Congratulations to 18 Elite for Winning the Badger Region 18's Championship


Congratulations to 17 Navy for a 3rd Place Finish in the 17 Open Division of the Badger Region Championships


Badger Region Qualifier


We had 7 teams receive a bid to the USAV Nationals at the Badger Region Qualifier.  That brings our total bid count to 8, since 18 Elite received an Open bid in the Girls Winter Championship tournament.

Great job, teams and coaches!

12 Navy:   American bid

13 Navy:   American bid

14 White:  Freedom bid

15 Navy:   American bid

16 Navy:   National bid

17 Navy:   American bid

17 White:  Freedom bid

18 Elite:    Open bid (from previous qualifier)

Prep Dig Chi-Town Classic


Our 14 Navy, 15 Navy, 16 Navy, 17 Navy, and 18 Navy teams were down at the new Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park, IL, this past weekend.  Each team played up a division and competed well against teams from WI, IL, and MI.

14 Navy:  4th in 15s division

15 Navy:  2nd in 16s division

16 Navy:  1st in 17s division

17 Navy:  3rd in 18s division

18 Navy:  1st in 18s division

Great Weekend for our Teams


All of our 12s-16s' teams competed at the JVA Milwaukee Jamboree this past weekend.  There was a lot of amazing growth by the teams and many placed 1st or 2nd in their respective divisions.

Our 17s-18s's teams were at the Northern Lights Qualifier, where 17 White and 18 Navy placed 9th in the American/USA division, respectively.  18 Elite placed 3rd in the Open division--another top finish in their 2nd qualifier of the season.  

Congratulations to 18 Elite for Winning an Open Bid for Nationals!!


18 Elite competed in the Girls Winter Championship Qualifier this weekend in Chicago and came away with a 2nd place finish and an OPEN BID to the USAV NATIONALS!!

State of the Club, As We Look Ahead to the
2021-2022 Season

We are so thankful for our players and families this year! We hope that you had an awesome experience this season; and we are committed to providing you all with an even better 2021-2022 season! We are especially excited to be offering additional skill development opportunities next season, as we believe that's what sets us apart as a club - our TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT of players' individual skills.

As we prepare for the upcoming season, we know many athletes and families are already looking ahead, as well.  In the link below is information that we hope will provide some valuable insight into who we are as a club and answers some of your questions.  

State of the Club

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions at

Congratulations to Brooke Mosher (FC Elite 18 Elite) on being named Wisconsin Gatorade Volleyball Player of the Year!

The Gatorade Player of the Year program is proud to recognize the nation’s most elite high school athletes for not only athletic excellence, but high standards of academic achievement and exemplary character.

2020-21 Season Photos

16 White - Badger Region Open Division Champions - 2021

18 Elite - 2021 Open Bid - Omaha

18 Navy - 2021 National Bid

16 Navy - 2021 American Bid

15 Navy - 2021 National Bid

14 Navy - 2021 National Bid


Weather and Practices/Tournaments

If practice is canceled it will be posted on the FC Elite Facebook page and website.  
Please use your best judgment when the weather is questionable. If you feel it is not safe to travel, please let your coach know that you will not be attending practice.
Reminder: Tournaments will very rarely be cancelled due to weather.  Please plan appropriately with travel.