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    Hotel Information on Team Pages

    Hotel information is available on team pages.  More hotel information will be added shortly.  It is highly advised to make hotel reservations as soon as possible. 

    Weather and Practices

    Updates on practices will be posted on our Facebook page or our website.  Please like our Facebook page.  The facebook post will show on this page to the right in the Facebook area.
    Please use your best judgment when the weather is questionable. If you feel it is not safe to travel, please let your coach know that you will not be attending practice.
    Reminder: Tournaments will very rarely be cancelled due to weather.  Please plan appropriately with travel.

    Training Modules

    All Players/Coaches must review the online training modules in the link below.

    Please watch the following modules

    1. Junior Second Referee Clinic

    2. Scorer's Clinic

    3. Libero Control

    4. Scoring Sanctions

    5. Junior Line Judge Clinic

    6. Net and Center Line Rules

    On-Line Module Link